Your alarm has sounded, you arrive home and find an empty space where your Television or Hi-Fi used to be, are the intruders still onsite? Are you by yourself? Does anyone know that your life could be in danger? Do not risk it! Do not put yourself or your loved ones at risk. Have one of our fully marked Alarm Response Vehicles attend to your alarm. Our trained and experienced Mobile Patrol Officers are GPS tracked and in constant contact with our Mobile Operations, they are experienced in a multitude of possible scenarios. You can sleep soundly in the knowledge that your assets are being protected by trained professionals, we will notify you when appropriate… you are never at risk.
Upon arrival at your premises we will establish if the call is a false alarm or indeed a breach in security. If a break-in has to occurred, we can contact all relevant persons and if required, arrange for additional services to ensure your property is not at risk, such as boarding up, glass replacement, additional patrols or we can supply a guard to remain on site for the duration of the night. At the completion of the check an incident report will be provided, this vital information will assist with your insurance claims and provides our contact details for any follow ups or Police enquiries.

Static Guards, Crowd Controllers, and Guard Dog & Handler Teams, we can cover all of your static guards needs. From large industrial sites requiring 24/7 onsite guards to private birthday parties, our guards are carefully selected to suit the task at hand. Our goal is to provide our customers with a value-added service by selecting guards with suitable character and level of training that is matched the diverse needs of our customers.

Our guards provide you with a value-added service by fulfilling a diverse range of duties from, manning the guard house, visitor reception, access control, caretaker duties, first aid response and many more. We can assist you with some of your companies OH&S obligations by supplying guards that are qualified first aid responders with advanced first aid training. Our guards can be specifically trained to undertake a variety of caretaker duties while they keep your sites security in check. Call us now for a free consultation… let us see how we can add value to your security service.

Mobile patrols are highly effective when you need to create a deterrence and full-time security is not an affordable option. With our mobile patrols visual deterrence is paramount; all of our security patrol officers are in uniform and arrive to your site in a clearly marked patrol vehicle. Each site visit will include a pre-determined or random patrol covering all the access-points as well as the patrol conducting any other task as required in the site brief. Random site inspections are on a totally unpredictable basis; this means anyone who is studying your properties security will find it difficult to predict when the next patrol is going to be. To enhance the visual deterrence, we place security signage at strategic points on the perimeter warning that the property is protected by security.

With our Mobile Patrols Services we can physically check that your premises is secure, provide a security escort for your staff, conduct welfare checks, lockdown or open up your premises at designated times, provide for after hours lets-ins of staff or contractors as well as monitor readings on vital equipment. Mobile security teams are useful for covering larger areas where fixed observation posts would not provide sufficient coverage. This service can be an economical alternative to full time guards, as the operating cost is shared between multiple clients. Need your premises checked, opened or secured after hours? Don’t send one of your staff, send a Security Ops Mobile Patrol and only pay for the time required to conduct the task. Call now for an obligation free quote.

Security Ops selects its security personnel carefully with comprehensive interview procedures. New security officers are always accompanied by our experienced security staff to ensure our clients experience a service with reliable, honest, ethical and hard working individuals. Prior to employment, all our personnel undergo employment history reference checks and police criminal history checks. Once employees commence with the company, special training, medical examinations and drug tests are scheduled as necessary.

Where verification of guard attendance is required we use an electronic logger system. This allows us to monitor the attendance times and frequency intervals of personnel to locations or people. This provides the ability to generate reports required to prove compliance and assist in the management and supervision of our personnel. To enable this system we install iButtons (logger points) around a client’s premises at key locations.

We use GPS Tracking to monitor the location of our mobile workforce, with this we are able to track the real-time locations of our Security Response Team. This allows us to dispatch the nearest available officer to the required location, thus ensuring our clients are receiving the most efficient service delivery possible. By the use of GPS-enabled mobile phones and a PC connected to the Internet, we can see exactly where our mobile workers are and what they are doing.